Arts in the Park


Arts in the Park will be back May 2017!

2016 Schedule

Week 1, May 24-27

Visual Artist: Splintered Craft

Tuesday – All-City Jazz Band

Wednesday – Carol Mullin Dancers + The Fiddleheads

Wednesday 7pm – The Doorknobs

Thursday – LAL

Friday – Bob Hamilton, Partrick Hamilton & Fiona McTaggart

Week 2 , May 30-June 3

Visual Artist: Blair Thorson

Monday – The Parker Thomas Jazz Conspiracy

Tuesday – Sisters of Evolution

Wednesday – Blackberry Wood

Wednesday 7pm – Old Cabin

Thursday – The Canucks and Hank Karr

Friday – Ryan McNally

 Week 3, June 6-10

Visual Artist: Helen O’Connor

 Monday – Two Piano Tornado

Tuesday – Calla Kinglit

Wednesday – The Big Band

Wednesday 7pm – Roxx Hunter

Thursday – Anacrouse

Friday – The River Bends

Week 4, June 13-17

Visual Artist: Qaqtis

Monday – DOUBLE BILL: Kim Rogers & Fraser Canyon

Tuesday – Magnetic North Theatre Festival in the Park

Wednesday – The Bingo Bongo Boogie Band

Wednesday 7pm – Unicorn Horn

Thursday – Patrick Hamilton

Friday – Community Choirs

Week 5, June 20-24

Visual Artist: Lillian Loponen

Monday – Grant Simpson & Shauna Jones

Tuesday – Mike Stockstill & Amelia Rose

Wednesday – Nicole Edwards and the Puppet Affair

Wednesday 7pm – Anger Management

Thursday – Songwriter Panel

In honour of Arts in the Park’s 20th season we will be hosting a songwriter panel in the theme of “20 Years Later”. Artists Steve Slade, Daniel Ashley, Scott Maynard, Calla Kinglit, Manfred Janssen, BJ Maclean and Sylvie Painchaud will each be covering a song from aound 20 years ago and will be playing brand new original music inspired by the theme of 20 years later.

Friday – Oignons Rouges

Week 6, June 27- July 1

Visual Artist: Nicole Bauberger

Monday – Nick Mah & Olivier de Colombel

Tuesday – The Bennett Sun

Wednesday – Swing Sets

Wednesday 7pm – Gwaandak Theatre Play Readings

Thursday – Jerry Alfred ShunDun

Friday – NO PERFORMANCE! Happy Canada Day!

Week 7, July 4-8

Visual Artist: Deanna Dee Bailey

  Monday – Mark di Marzio & Natalie Edelson

Tuesday – Dena Zagi

Wednesday – Remy Rodden and Bob Kuiper

Wednesday 7pm – The Midnight Suns

Thursday – Brandon Isaak

Friday – Claire Ness

Week 8, July 11-15

Visual Artist: Haresson Tanner

Monday – The Olympic Symphonium

Tuesday – Sarah MacDougall

Wednesday – Leg Up Hands Down

Wednesday 7pm – Allo Gang

Thursday – Kim Beggs Band

Friday – The Whiskey Dicks

Week 9, July 18-22

Visual Artist: Françoise La Roche

 Monday – Joey O’Neil

Tuesday – Lucie D4

Wednesday – Nadine Landry & Sammy Lind

Wednesday 7pm – Major Funk and the Employment

Thursday – Steve Slade

 Friday – Ed Peekeekoot

Week 10, July 25-29

Visual Artist: Michel Gignac

Monday – DOUBLE BILL: Madi Dixon & Emily Ross

 Tuesday – Canyon Mountain

 Wednesday – Soir de Semaine

 Wednesday 7pm – Patrick Jacobson Band

Thursday – Paul Lucas Trio

 Friday – Lara & Friends

Week 11, Aug 1-5

Visual Artist: Alana Warner

Monday – DOUBLE BILL: Katie Avery & Maya Cashaback

Tuesday – Marco Claveria

Wednesday – Keitha Clark Swing Trio.

Wednesday 7pm – Soda Pony

Thursday – Rob Dickson

Friday – Grande Finale!

Selina Heyligers-Hare, Kevin Barr, Fawn Fritzen and Brian Ladue will play at the park for the 20th season finale! We will have a free buffet, face painting and attendance prizes!